Most people don’t realize that you can get a killer leg workout in very little time! So if you don’t have time to run or swim or what ever you do to condition your legs try these simple workouts that will give you the burn.

I do these workouts at the office, home and even the gym. The best part is that you can do them anywhere!

Start with one set of 10 with each workout. Once you can get the the whole thing and it doesn’t burn then add another set!

1. Lunges – Start with your legs together. Step forward with your right leg, and bend knees to 90′ or until left knee reaches the floor. Start to straighten legs and push off your right foot back to standing with legs side by side. Repeat with opposite leg. You must do EACH leg 10 times.

2. Reverse Lunges – Start with your legs together. Step back with your right leg, bending your left leg, lowering your knee to the floor and keeping your upper body straight up. Push with your LEFT leg to get back into standing position. Repeat with opposite legs! The only difference between lunges and reverse lunges is that you will push off of opposite legs to return back to standing position!

3. Squats – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and lover your body until your almost in a sitting position or until your legs are at a 90′ angle. Hold for 3 seconds, then use your butt and thighs to push back up into straight leg position. Make sure that when you are in the 90′ angles that your knee is not crossing the front of your toes. You need to push your butt out like you are getting ready to sit down!

4. Ski Squats – Or modified wall sits! Start about a foot or 2 from the wall, facing away from it. Feet shoulder width apart. Lean your back against the wall and bend your knees to a obtuse(wide) angle. Hold. Then lower a couple more inches, HOLD. Then lower a couple more inches, HOLD. Do this until you are a couple inches past 90′ then try to lean your back off the wall and stand. If you need the wall for support stay with your back against it but do not push into the wall to help you stand. This is a LEG workout for a reason!

5. Hip Flexors – Start by standing next to the chair and place your left hand on the back of it for support. Lift your left knee in front of you until your thigh is parallel to the floor(90′). Hold for 5 seconds then lower it down. Repeat with opposite side. To add more intensity do this without the chair and/or make sure you leg does not hit the floor when you lower it or you can extend it straight out in front and bring it back to 90′!

6. Knee Extension – Start by sitting in a chair with feet barely touching the floor. Knees and feet should be shoulder width apart. Raise your right leg until straight, keeping toes flexed. HOLD for 3 seconds and lower slowly. Repeat on opposite side. To add more intensity to this workout you can move butt off of the chair and hold on to the hair with your arms while doing this or you can switch out the chair with a balance ball!

7. Inner thigh Lift – Start by lying on your left side with head resting on outstretched arm. Bend your right (top) knee and rest it on a pillow or rolled up towel. Make sure that it is in line with your hip! Place your right hand in front of your chest on the floor. Lift your left (bottom) leg a few inches off the ground. Hold it for 5 seconds and lower it back to the ground. Repeat 10 times on each side. For added intensity do not let your foot touch the ground when you lower it!

8. Glut Thrusts – Start by lying on your back with your feet hip width apart placed on the floor. Your arms can be out to the side like an airplane or at your side. Start by using your butt and thighs to push your bottom of the ground. Push up until shoulders to knees is in a line or Plank position. Hold for 10 seconds and lower. Repeat! Make sure to really squeeze your bottom together! This exercise should look like your doing the pelvic thrust! For added intensity you can put a ball between your knees!

9. Hip Extension – Start by using a chair for support or you can use a wall. Put both hands on the wall or chair. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Take your right leg and slowly lift it behind our until its in line with your upper body or hip. Hold for 3 seconds and lower it down. Really squeeze your buns when you hold this position. To add intensity do not use a wall or chair and try not to touch the ground when you lower your leg!

10. Calf Raises – This you can do on stairs or flat on the floor. If you need support make sure you grab a chair or the railing! If you are on the floor make sure legs are shoulder width apart. Raise up to your tippy toes and slowly come back down. Repeat. If you are using stairs make sure that just your toes on resting on the stairs and not your whole foot. Push up to your tippy toes and slowly come back down. Then step up to the next stair (using just your toes!) and repeat!

Remember if going through this workout is too easy after the first time through then try another set. If you want more added resistance to this workout add ankle weights!!