People traveling for work or pleasure is becoming more and more popular. The problem with that is that some hotels don’t have a recreation room or it is hard to find time to get in a full hard workout.

I have come up with a few simple WORKouts that will get your heart rate up, make you sweat and only take 15 to 30 minutes depending on what kind of burn you are looking for!

Each of these workouts should be done for 1 minute as hard possible

1. Run in Place – Just like normal running, make sure to lift your knees (not as high as high knees) but just run!

2. Decline Pushups – You get in the pushup position and lay your feet on the bed, so your feet will be higher than your head, and Do regular pushups.

3. Jumping Jacks (Twist) – Start with your hands by your side and your feet together. When you jump your legs wide (instead of clapping your hands above your head) bend your knees and touch one foot with both hands. Then bring your feet together and hands back to your side, then repeat to opposite side. You will feel the burn in your legs as well as your obliques.

4. Regular Pushups – One minute of regular pushups on the floor.

5. Hall Sprints – Start outside your hotelroom door and sprint down 10 rooms on the right side! Walk back to your room and sprint again. You have 1 minute.

6. Jump Squats – Start like a jumping jack, when you go legs out arms up dip low in the legs like a squat. Then jump up back into the regular starting jack position.

7. Log Jumps – With this exercise you will start off by running in place. While running count to 8 and when you hit 8 then jump as high as you can and jump (act like you are jumping over a log). Then continue to sprint again.

8. Step Ups – Make sure you are using a sturdy chair to do this exercise. The bed is to soft and will make the exercise to hard. Start with your right foot, step up onto the chair and step up to bring your left foot to your chest. Continue the right side for 30 seconds then switch to the left foot.

9. Regular Planks – Start in the push up position and squeeze your abs to hold the plank position for 1 minute.

10. Shadow Boxing (Jabs) – In this exercise you are going to pretend like you are hitting a punching bag. Make sure not to throw so hard that you bang your joints (aka locking them, elbow should never lock). For a jab you are going to stand with your dominate foot forward to start and use the same arm to punch out forward. Continue on same side for 30 seconds then switch.

11. Side Raises – Start by laying on your side with bottom arm elbow to hand on the floor for a brace. Then place your top hand on your hip. Feet should be on top of each other. Then bring your hip up off the floor, the goal is to raise the hip above the shoulder. When you dip down don’t go all the way back down to the floor.

Stretch, make sure you don’t go past the point of mild discomfort.