It is the time of year when our lives tend to be turned upside down and out of control. What with work, shopping for Christmas gifts, putting up decorations, making cookies, and all those Holiday Parties its easy to see why so many people get derailed from their weight loss path.

One thing that tends to happen during this time of year is that people start skipping meals instead of WORKing IT. Often the “No Time” excuse gets pulled out but that is NO EXCUSE when it comes to your health.

I feel that people are just not educated on why skipping meals is bad for you. People believe that its okay or that it will save them pounds come the new year…WRONG.

Below are some Major Reason why you SHOULD NOT Skip Meals

1. Denying your body calories is also denying your metabolism calories which in turn SLOWS DOWN your metabolism.

2. A Low Caloric intake puts your body in “Starvation Mode”. Which is when your body starts conserving your calories and storing them as fat to use later. So pretty much makes you GAIN WEIGHT.

3. Skipping important meals like Breakfast can lead you to consume more than you need to later on in the day.

4. It could lead to Diabetes. When you skip a lot of meals and then eat a big one it leads to elevated glucose levels and a delay in insulin, which causes diabetes. Scary Thought isn’t it.

5. Can Lead to Anorexia – Your body will get used to not eating, which makes it that much easier to never eat.

6. Creates BAD HABITS! Skipping meals will lead you to binge eat, making your think that it is okay.

7. Skipping meals will deny your body the proper nutrients it needs to function, therefore it could stop working properly.

8. It causes LOW BLOOD SUGAR

9. Leave you feeling tired, irritable and UN-focused.

10. Your Body will eventually start eating away at your muscles because it does not have the proper amount of nutrients for the up-keep.

These are just a few reasons why you should NOT skip meals. Try to eat 4-6 mini meals full of nutritious food. Good food WILL help you lose weight!!

Feel free to contact me for more facts or just to chat about living an active lifestyle!