The one thing women want is sexy arms. A lot of the time when we think of arms we think biceps and triceps. These are good muscles to work but we are not men and big arms is not something most average women look for.

For a long time I sat with my balance ball and my 5 pound weights and did all the typical lifting. Then I realized my arms were not getting any more defined, so I added more weight. After about 3 months I started getting super frustrated about all the work that I was putting in, and still no sexy arms.

After my freak out I told my friend what was going on and she told me…”PUT DOWN THE WEIGHTS.” That in order to get sexy, toned arms like a lady I needed to focus on my shoulders and avoid weights as much as possible. To use my body weight as resistance enough. After about 6 months of new shoulder focused workouts (you can’t focus on just shoulders of course you need to do them all) I started to see the results I have always wanted. Now I look for shirts to show off my defined arms instead of hide them!

I am here to give you some of my secrets on sexy shoulders. So get up, and get WORKing!

First: Push ups – These are always a great way to start the shoulder burn. Make sure that you back is arched slightly, if you bow you are going to feel the workout in your lower back instead of your shoulders. Do 10 push ups if you can, if not it is a goal to work for.

Arm raises – stand straight with you feet together. Hands should start by your side. When ready lift both arms up to your shoulders, you will look like an air plane or T. Hold for 30 seconds then bring your arms back down. Do this 5 times.

Front raises – You will be in the same position as the arm raises but instead of going out to the side like a T you are going to take your arms up in front of you to your shoulders, like a zombie! Hold for 30 seconds, perform 5 times.

Tricep Dips – You will need a chair or the edge of a couch for this move. Start by sitting on the edge with your palms on the chair at the edge as well. Fingers should be facing out towards your toes. When you are ready lift your bottom off the edge, keeping your hands on the chair and move out slightly. You should be resting on your hands with you bottom and legs straight out in front of you. Bend your elbows and dip your body towards the floor then back up again. Do this 10 times.

A Bomb – These is a moving push up. You will start with your hands and feet on the floor in an A position. When you start you will bring your head down toward the ground and scoop through and back up towards the sky. Then you will scoop back the way you came. This will help with shoulders as well as flexibility. Do this exercise 10 times, more or less depending on your sill level.

Circles – In this exercise you are going to get back into the T position. Once you are in this position you will rotate your arms in a circle in the clockwise direction for 30 seconds, then go counter clockwise for 30 seconds. This will burn but try to last as long as you can. Do this 3 times!

Plank – This exercise will work your abs as well as your arms! Get like you are going to get into the push up position. Once there HOLD! Make sure that your back is slightly arched, a bowed back will lead to lower back problems. Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute!

One arm Plank – This is the same as the plank but with one arm. If you spread your feet a little wider it will be easier to keep your balance. Hold your abs tight and arch your back! Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute.

Seal Ups – This exercise will work your biceps and shoulders. Start in the regular push up position. Then bring your hands down to your hips/rib cage and face your fingers out slightly. Remember to arch your back slightly as you go down so you don’t bow and really concentrate on not bowing as you push yo. Do 10 reps less or more.

These are just a few exercises that you can do to get you those sexy arms that all women want! It only takes a little bit of time, you could probably do it in between your favorite shows!