Every time I talk to someone about what their goals are while getting fit is to be tone. Mostly women of course but there are a lot of men out there that don’t like the juice head look and just want a killer 6 pack.

There are a lot of WORKouts that you can do at home that take little time but will leave you feeling that burn that gets your muscles tone! Below is a list of some of my favorites, and they don’t require any equipment!

Arm & Ab WORKouts

  • Push Ups – These are a full body exercise if you do them right. Booty down, abs tight and hands underneath your shoulders will give you a killer burn. Try to do as many as you can without stopping and DO NOT dip your stomach and put strain on your lower back. Once you know how many you can do, each day try to do one more and watch your shoulders turn from mush to MUST SEE!
  • Planks – These are similar to push ups but they do not have the up and down motion. You get into the push up position and hold as long as you can. Keep your abs tight and your booty down but make sure NOT to sink the stomach! There are many different versions of the plank as well to help work all parts of your arms and abs. Forward full extension of the arms (face down to floor/push up position), Forward on elbows, Forward alternating full to elbows (killer for abs), Side full extension and side elbows. When doing as side plank you need to make sure you do not dip your hip, try to get it up towards the sky as high as you can, you can even add a little pulse (hip raises) to your side plank to make it harder.
  • Supermans – These are pretty much what they sound like! Start on your stomach on the floor with your arms straight out in front of you (palms on the floor) and your legs straight out behind you (laces on the floor). Once the time starts you will lift both your arms and your legs at the same time up towards the ceiling (you look like a flying superman). Hold and repeat to help strengthen your arms, legs and back!
  • Mountain Climbers – In this exercises you will start in the push up position, then slowly walk your feet towards your hands until you are in an a like frame. Once the time starts you are doing to start running (in place/bring your knees in-between your hands) as fast as you can. Make sure that you hands are directly under your shoulders and don’t forget to breath. The closer you get to doing this exercise in a push up position the harder it gets. Just make sure to turn out your knees so your not slamming them into the ground.
  • Crab Walks – You remember these from Elementary PE. Start by sitting on your booty, placing your hands behind your back onto the floor, fingers facing away from you and then bring your stomach towards the sky. You should look like a table! Then move around for one minute or until you feel the burn. Hold abs tight and try to get them to the sky as best you can!
  • Legs & Abs

  • Burpees – For this exercises you will start in the standing position. Once time starts you will bend your knees and touch the floor. Once you hands are on the floor jump your feet back so you are in the plank position. Then jump your feet back in-between your hands and then jump up towards the sky! The faster you go the harder this gets. Do for one minute or until you start burning!
  • Wall Sits – This exercise seems easy, in fact it is easy but man oh man does it burn. Go to a wall, place your back against the wall and sit down like you are sitting in a chair. Legs should be a 90′ and HOLD. Try to hold for one minute or more if you can! You can also add intensity by trying a one legged wall sit and alternating after 30 seconds to a minute!
  • Wide Knee Tuck Jumps – For this exercise you are going to start in the standing position. Point your toes out towards both corners (kinda like a duck, but not to far where it hurts your knees), then widen your stance a bit more so you look like a sumo wrestler. Bend your knees to 90′ then jump up as high as you can in the air. While in the air try to bring your knees up to touch your elbows. This exercise will burn your knees as well as your abs.
  • Leg Lifts – This exercise starts with you sitting on your booty. Bring your right leg into your chest, foot on floor and keep left leg out. Left your left leg 10 times. Switch sides and repeat rep. Try to do 3 reps of 10. You can lean back onto your tailbone and add a crunch (bring your stomach towards you leg while you raise it) for added intensity.
  • Stairs – Climbing stairs, whether you are walking or running is one of the best leg toning exercises. You are having to use your whole leg to get you up to the next stair! Easy but killer!
  • There are just a Few of MY personal favorites. They really tone you up and leave you feeling it without having to spend hours at a gym or millions on equipment!

    Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or more WORKouts!