Hey Friends,

So I know that it has been quite awhile since I have posted any new workouts or motivational videos and I wanted to give you a little insight of why that is.

As you know about 2 months ago at the end of June when we were going to the doctor to check in on baby R our car got broken into and they stole all of our camera gear, hard drives, lap tops, everything. So it has been a bit hard to get videos and photos taken. I know I know I can always use my iPhone but when you get used to a certain quality of work and then all you have is this crappy quality it really makes you not want to post. Also insurance is being horrible (don’t ever use State Farm) and has yet to give us any money for getting our car fix (about 3k worth of damage) and they refuse to pay for any of our gear because I told them we use it for business. Needless to say the robbery was heart breaking and a little soul crushing. I have tried to be positive through it all but I came to a realization that both my husband and I have been in mourning for the last two months. We haven’t been adventuring as much to take photos which is something we love to do. We haven’t made a video, my workouts seem to go undocumented and so much more. We will slowly have to rebuild our gear and the hardest part is the saving enough money to buy a good camera that shoots what we are accustomed to. But all we can do is take one step at a time. We didn’t get all our gear at once the first time around so we just have to start over. We did it once we can do it again!

Robbery aside this summer has been a crazy one for us. We found out we were pregnant with our first child in March, decided to buy a house and take a little time off from the road. We have been moving all of our stuff from 3 different states to our new home which has been crazy. We have been trying to remodel the new home, which is not cheap no matter which way you try to go and all why getting bigger and bigger. Baby R is due December 8th!

Not only have we been busy with house stuff but we are still pursuing our dreams, traveling and working all at the same time. Currently I am sitting in Denver, CO. We have been on an epic two week road trip that started in Idaho then went to Utah, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, now Denver then back to Idaho for three weeks before we head off to Arizona for the end of the month to see friends and shoot a wedding!

Don’t get me wrong this is what we live for. Documenting our journey, inspiring others to follow their dreams and take risks but again when your gear is gone and you are working with a less then par piece of equipment it takes the motivation down quite a few notches, however I am making a pack to keep you updated, informed and to continue to make my website a place to get any and all resources that you may need in order to live a healthy, active and most importantly happy life!

Stay tuned friends for I have some recaps coming from some work I did in Wisconsin along with things I am learning about this being pregnant and exercise thing!

Live It, Love It, WORK IT!


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