About Me

My name is Whitney Deist Rowley. I have been in the business of health, fitness and living an active lifestyle for over 8 years. I started my career as a Physical Education teacher. I taught for 5 years in 3 different states. Once I realized that teaching in the school environment was not something I wanted to do I took my passion to the gym. I became a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor. This was closer to my dreams but it still wasn’t making me happy. To much pressure on making money and getting new clients. So fast forward a year and this is where I am!

My husband and I have been traveling around the US for the last year showing people how to live an active, healthy lifestyle while doing the things that they love to do. We tend to look at fitness as a chore or something that can only be achieved through rigorous fitness¬†. Yes that helps but it’s not the only way to achieve your goals, nor are you living your ultimate life. Living is finding things you enjoy doing, things that make you smile and figuring out how to make them WORK for you.

2015 was an intense year for my family. I went from a standard routine to living life on the fly, I got into business with someone who took advantage of my friendship and I had breast surgery for a cancer scare. Those experiences not only helped shape the path for this year but they have made me realize what I really want out of life and that is to help people reach their goals for FREE. Always has been, always WILL BE.

I am here to change the world and spread the joy of fitness. So if your looking to reach your goals, learn some fun new WORKouts and enjoy life then follow along with me on this journey.